Crash Course: Best and worst brain foods


1) Mixed nuts — Whether you are a fan of cashews or walnuts, or if you enjoy the crunch of pecans more than anything else, nuts are much more than a snack at the bar. Nuts contain many properties that help to improve mental clarity and strengthen memory. Walnuts are even helpful for fighting insomnia and almonds have mood-enhancing properties. They are very snackable and provide a great replacement for unhealthy snacking foods as well.

2) Broccoli — Ugh, vegetables. But contrary to what you might hope to believe, vegetables are actually great for your brain. As well as improving memory function, eating these miniature tree-shaped florets will help slow down the aging process, keeping you young and sharp. Broccoli is a tough character to cook, but boil it in some fresh tap water with a pinch of salt and a clove or two of garlic and they become an incredibly munchable snacking delight.

3) Chocolate — Perhaps one of the yummiest brain foods, chocolate is delicious, nutritious and auspicious. There are many varieties of chocolate, but the basic milk and dark chocolates are both wonderful study aids. Antioxidant-rich dark chocolate helps to improve focus and concentration. Milk chocolate, meanwhile, helps to improve memory and reaction time. Walgreens is currently having a deal on Ghirardelli chocolate bars, which are selling for $1.99. Be sure also to check out Trader Joe’s with its variety of delicious chocolates as well.

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