"Our health is at risk. The entire health of the USA is at risk.”

"I can’t contribute the success to any one thing; the ball is just bouncing my way right now." (From Daily Cal Sports)

"The theater, though cramped, creates an extra dimension by using three geometrically angular screens — two long ones flanking the stage and one squat screen above in the center — that project Vonnegut-esque line drawings to complement the scenes." (From Daily Cal Arts & Entertainment)

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory recently hired three individuals through a program that helps those with developmental disabilities find employment.

Trying to get some more likes on your next post? Try taking pictures of these places. (From The Daily Clog)

"One friend of mine actually went to bed after halftime and woke up thinking the Bears had won. Whoops." (From Daily Cal Sports)

What exactly went wrong on Saturday?

"When I was in high school and middle school, blind people didn’t do sports."

Goalball: a sport specifically designed for visually impaired individuals.

A bicyclist suffered serious injuries in a collision with a vehicle early Sunday, according to a Berkeley Police Department alert.

"The film as a whole feels as messy and as rich as the life of a real family. Wrongs are forgiven but never forgotten. Everyone knows one another too well." (From Daily Cal Arts & Entertainment)

"Lists! They seem to force themselves on me. Lists. Like my day will be more concrete if I write on my notes app on my iPhone or — better yet! — an actual notebook: a small notebook, 3-inch by 3-inch I bought at a quaint Williamsburg bookstore because I have thoughts. Not just thoughts, but creative thoughts!"

“Notes from my journal” is a series in which contributors share excerpts from their private journals, diaries and notebooks.