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Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, announced Tuesday that Gov. Jerry Brown had signed a bill that will create a temporary gun violence restraining order.

On Friday, students gathered at Moses Hall to listen to a panel of professors from both the US and the UK discuss the outcome of Sept. 18th’s Scottish Independence Referendum and the future of the multiethnic nation state.

“All of us expect our college campuses to be safe places for students, and yet when it comes to preventing sexual assault, they’re dropping the ball.”

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“Fifty Years of Free Speech” is a retrospective look by the Daily Cal at the actions on the Berkeley campus during the seminal university protest movement of 1964.

“For the first time in a half century, (this book) brings back into print a
generous selection of the Daily Cal’s coverage of Berkeley’s free speech crisis.”

— Robert Cohen, FSM historian and professor at New York University

"During the recent conversation about the ASUC Senate bill supporting academic collaboration with Israeli universities, we have fallen short thanks to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that thrives on the intimidation of critics and the advancement of propaganda masquerading as facts. We deserve better."

About 10 individuals occupied the Architects and Engineers building Wednesday afternoon to protest against a number of campus capital projects, with approximately 25 to 30 students and community members gathered outside.

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Ro Khanna, an attorney and candidate for California’s 17th congressional district, spoke at a campus forum Tuesday about keeping Silicon Valley competitive and higher education affordable.